CM41 Mini Indoor 120 Days


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Verkada’s Mini Series offers flexible, discreet cameras with exceptional image quality. It includes two indoor models (the CM41 and CM41-S) and one outdoor model (the CM41-E), each designed for specific purposes. These cameras are suitable for a variety of applications, from corporate offices and retail locations to banks and schools. Customers appreciate the Mini Series for its adaptability and performance.

The CM41 is a compact, powerful camera that offers many of the core benefits of our Dome Series cameras. It is suitable for indoor use, and can be used to monitor entry points and high-traffic areas like corridors, lobbies, and common areas.

The Mini Series has standard features like data encryption, onboard storage, and advanced motion-based insights, allowing organizations to quickly scale their security coverage and increase situational awareness across multiple locations. These cameras also have powerful edge processing capabilities that deliver advanced computer vision features, including Verkada’s People and Vehicle Analytics.