CM41-E Mini Outdoor 60 Days


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Verkada’s Mini Series offers flexible, discreet cameras with exceptional image quality. It includes two indoor models (the CM41 and CM41-S) and one outdoor model (the CM41-E), each designed for specific purposes. These cameras are suitable for a variety of applications, from corporate offices and retail locations to banks and schools. Customers appreciate the Mini Series for its adaptability and performance.

The CM41-E offers the same flexibility, performance, and quality as the other models in the Mini Series, but it can be used outdoors. Despite its small size, it is as durable as our outdoor Dome Series. It has been rigorously tested and certified for use in a variety of outdoor environments. The CM41-E is ideal for mobile deployments, such as on railways, buses, and other forms of transportation. It has an IP67 and IK10 certification and an IP6K9K rating for protection against high-pressure water, making it well-suited for when the interior of transit vehicles need to be cleaned.