Smarter Security, Safer Buildings

Why Verkada?

Verkada is a company that specializes in providing cloud-based security solutions, particularly in the field of video surveillance and access control. Verkada is known for its modern approach to physical security, leveraging advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and edge processing.

Their solutions often include a range of security cameras and access control systems that are designed to be easily scalable and manageable through a centralized cloud-based platform. Verkada aims to simplify security management for businesses by offering intuitive interfaces and intelligent features, allowing users to monitor and secure their premises remotely.

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    Video Security 

    Verkada replaces obsolete equipment with technology that’s smart, secure and easy to manage. Install Verkada cameras easily and in minutes with just a PoE connection. No need for added software or complex port forwarding.

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    Air Quality

    Get peace of mind with connected, comprehensive air quality monitoring.Indoor air quality (IAQ) has a direct impact on health. Monitor IAQ to protect against disease transmission, enhance cognitive performance, and improve all-around wellbeing – right from your fingertips.

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    Access Control

    Verkada simplifies enterprise access control with easy-to-deploy devices and cloud software designed for safer, smarter buildings.