SALTO Systems One Jump Ahead

Who Are they ?

SALTO has been at the forefront of pioneering solutions, encompassing stand-alone, cloud-based, and mobile applications. These innovations have established new benchmarks in security, manageability, flexibility, and design, delivering tangible advantages to almost every door and building category. With a wide-reaching impact across various industries and applications, SALTO is acknowledged as a global market leader in intelligent electronic access control solutions.

The company, SALTO Systems, specializes in developing and manufacturing advanced, reliable wireless electronic locking, and access control smart solutions. These solutions aim to enhance daily life, providing people with a smoother, more comfortable, and secure experience when utilizing our systems.

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    The scalability of the SALTO system enables its solutions to encompass a diverse array of projects in various markets. The system’s adaptability allows for the seamless implementation of smaller projects, with the flexibility to effortlessly expand to larger, and even transnational, solutions as needed.


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    SALTO Space

    SALTO Space introduces a smart on-premise access control platform specifically crafted for a wire-free environment. This eliminates the necessity to hardwire door access points within the building, enabling you to retain your original doors and locks without the need for modifications.

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    Discover the range of electronic locks, cylinders, and readers making smart access to any door possible.