Secure your industry with Kisi

Why Kisi?

Beyond just eliminating traditional keys, Kisi equips your team members with a keyless entry system that goes further to guarantee a secure yet inviting facility experience. Their user-friendly web dashboard and accessible app not only save time for administrators and employees but also contribute to a consistently positive work experience.

Committed to securing your journey into the future, Kisi continually develops innovative products and solutions to ensure convenient facility access and efficient remote space management. They aim to create a secure future where interconnected spaces are accessible without limitations.

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    All-in-one Access Solution

    Safeguard your organization and enhance security management through the use of smart cloud cameras. Benefit from hassle-free setup, built-in analytics, and seamless remote access, making it simple to ensure the security of your premises with confidence.


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    Facilitate effective and precise management of user access rights by integrating your directories with Kisi. Synchronize user data seamlessly across platforms, reducing administrative overhead and minimizing the risk of errors.

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    Modern Workplace

    Streamline the management of user access rights by seamlessly integrating your directories with Kisi. This integration allows for the effortless synchronization of user data across various platforms, resulting in a reduction of administrative overhead and minimizing the potential for errors.