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IGB Extends July 1 Deadline for Compliance with Surveillance Rule

May 8, 2020

The Illinois Gaming Board (the “Board”) has extended the July 1, 2020 deadline for licensees to install video surveillance equipment as required by Video Gaming Rule 1800.250(w). Pursuant to this extension, the new deadline for compliance with Rule 1800.250(w) will be 120-days after the resumption of video gaming operations in Illinois. This extension is warranted by the significant economic hardships and other dislocations caused by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

The Board has also streamlined the process for video gaming licensees to submit COVID-19 related operations requests as follows:

Terminal operators wishing to remove video gaming terminals from a video gaming establishment that is permanently closed (and surrendered its license) should submit such requests to [email protected]. Absent exigent circumstances, the Board will generally grant these requests.

All other requests that do not involve removal of a video gaming terminal from a surrendered location, such as requests to move, maintain, repair, or upgrade video gaming terminals and/or perform remodeling or any other activities that require access to an otherwise closed video gaming location, should be submitted to [email protected].

Board staff will evaluate these requests on a case-by-case basis according to the current Stay-At-Home Order, Gaming Board Rules, and any other controlling law and legal authority.

The Gaming Board is monitoring developments regarding COVID-19 and will to continue to update licensees and other stakeholders as warranted.

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