Compensation Structure

Our three tier compensation structure ensures you get paid on your efforts, not just on sales.

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    Get paid by scheduling online demonstrations (you aren’t running the demos)
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    Earn additional compensation by your leads requesting free trial cameras (we send free cameras to interested leads)
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    Earn sales commissions on sales deals that close (our enterprise reps have earned over $50k on one deal)

What You'll Do

Work at home by researching, calling and emailing. You'll earn income by doing the following:

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    Call and email potential candidates for cloud surveillance systems
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    Identify potential opportunities needing surveillance systems
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    Send contact information of potential opportunities to Jendy Solutions

Who We Are

Jendy Solutions is the largest partner of Verkada, the global leader of enterprise level security and surveillance systems. Jendy provides surveillance systems to hospitals, colleges and education facilities, casinos, jails and prisons, community watch blocks and small businesses across the globe.

Jendy is known for being the proprietary provider of surveillance to the Illinois video gaming casino industry that complies with the Illinois Gaming Board’s surveillance regulations set forth in August of 2019. Jendy Solutions is projected to have over 4,000 locations and generate over 7.5 million in revenue by the end of 2020.

Who You'll Contact

Your role within the organization is simple. You are to find commercial and residential opportunities that are in need of surveillance cameras. You have an easy “in” with all leads by being able to offer a free trial camera system during the stay-at-home pandemic to allow business owners and home owners to keep an eye on their assets during this distressing time.

How You'll Get Paid

You’ll be paid on several different levels to ensure you’re compensated for your time:

1.) Get paid on any online demonstration that your leads attend. To be eligible, your lead must attend a scheduled online zoom demonstration of our product. If your lead attends and completes the online demonstration, you get paid.

2.) Get paid on any trial camera system that we send out to your leads. To be eligible, your lead must request a free trial camera system from us.

3.) Get paid on any closed deal. You will earn a percentage of any closed deal that your leads generate.

Jendy Solution’s track record of success will sell for you!

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    Award Winning Firm

    We won the Chicago Innovation Awards in 2015 for advanced system development.

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    We are the proprietary provider of surveillance to the State of Illinois gaming industry.

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    Our client base of over 5,000 satisfied customers come from the financial, education, and government sectors.

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    Our customer satisfaction is our top priority. We have thousands of reviews and references for our future clients.

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