Position Summary

Our facilities warehouse manager will be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and condition of our headquarters. Our 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse and 3,000 sq. ft. fenced in lot is the home to our team of administration, sales/marketing and installation staff. The appearance and cleanliness of our facility is important to our organization!
Our Facilities/Warehouse Manager will be responsible to personally clean our facilities, fix and maintain minor repairs and lead facilities upgrade projects.
This is the perfect opportunity for any enthusiast that wants to “own” their work!

This is a new role within our organization and envision this being a flexible, part-time role. Days and hours can be scheduled based on your availability! Consider pairing this position with our Fleet Manager role for a full-time opportunity. 

This is the perfect opportunity for any car enthusiast that wants to “own” their work!

You must have a valid drivers license and be able to pass a criminal background check.

Facility Maintenance Responsibilities

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    Fix and repair any mechanical or safety issues (change light bulbs, shovel entrance doorways, repair minor plumbing or electrical
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    Paint and touchups of facility appearance
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    Maintain tools, equipment and inventory
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    Act as general handy man and handle all basic maintenance requests

Facility Cleanliness Responsibilities

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    Keep warehouse floors clean using motorized walk behind floor scrubber
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    Clean bathrooms
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    Maintain cleaning and supplies inventory and restock as necessary
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    Fix minor defects and repairs

Who We Are

Jendy is the leading provider of enterprise security technology to large organizations throughout the midwest!

Jendy Solutions is the largest partner of Verkada, the global leader of enterprise level security and surveillance systems. Jendy provides surveillance systems to hospitals, colleges and education facilities, casinos, municipalities, manufacturing facilities and large enterprise organizations across the globe.

Jendy is known for being the proprietary provider of surveillance to the Illinois video gaming casino industry that complies with the Illinois Gaming Board’s surveillance regulations set forth in August of 2019. Jendy Solutions is projected to have over 4,000 locations and generate over 15 million in revenue by the end of 2022.


Pay is based on experience. $15-25/hour.

Employees are paid every two weeks.

Pay Increases and bonuses are given based on performance, dedication and attitude to the organization. 

Join Jendy’s Growing Team!

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    We are the leading provider of Verkada enterprise security technology to schools, hospitals, municipalities and manufacturing facilities in the Midwest.

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    Award Winning Firm

    We won the Chicago Innovation Awards in 2015 for advanced system development.

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    Our client base of over 5,000 satisfied customers come from the financial, education, and government sectors.

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    Our customer satisfaction is our top priority. We have thousands of reviews and references for our future clients.

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