Simply Better Security

Who Are they ?

As the pioneer in cloud base access control, they are the leader inn the category created over 20 year ago. Brivo focuses on providing security solutions, primarily centered around access control for businesses and properties. The company is known for its cloud-based access control platform, allowing users to manage and monitor access to their premises remotely.

Brivo’s solutions often include features such as real-time monitoring, access logs, mobile access, and integration with other security systems. Brivo’s systems are commonly used in various settings, including commercial buildings, offices, and residential properties. Their technology is designed to enhance security and streamline access management.

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    Smart Home

    Brivo Smart Home for Vacation Rentals streamlines property management and elevates guest experiences, boosting efficiency across your vacation rental portfolio. With a unified dashboard, effortlessly oversee all properties, monitor entry and exit logs for staff, and efficiently manage smart thermostats and sensors. Drive revenue growth while delivering a seamless and delightful guest experience.

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    Hybrid Workplace

    Ensuring workplace safety is paramount, especially in situations where security measures may not be consistently available. The hybrid work model poses challenges for both companies and property managers. Implementing remote management through access control becomes a vital solution to safeguard both individuals and properties.

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    Emergency Lockdown

    Initiate lockdown from a laptop, phone app or a hardwired button in your building—doors will immediately lock and system administrators are notified. The first moments of a crisis are critical to prevent dangerous access, but while lockdown is active, police and emergency services can still use access permissions