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Award-Winning Jendy Solutions Partners with Verkada, Implementing Leading Enterprise Cloud-Based Video Security to Disrupt Casino Industry.

When the Illinois Gaming Board announced in August of 2019 that the gaming industry was going to require advanced surveillance technology, the gaming industry didn’t know what to do. With over 8,000 locations and over 50,000 slot machines generating more than $4 billion in revenue a year, the state needed a better way to monitor what was happening in these locations that can hold tens of thousands of dollars of cash.

The gaming board put strict requirements in place to ensure they can monitor and ensure safety in these locations. Some of the requirements include 24/7 high definition footage recording, a high frame per second bitrate, immediate footage sharing capabilities and the one requirement that made this ruling difficult to comply with, off-site cloud storage.

Jon Kopp, Managing Director of Jendy Solutions and 2015 Chicago Innovation Award Winner, identified the need for advanced surveillance technology when this ruling was written. “DVR surveillance is a technology that is close to extinction. Soon you won’t see them around anymore.”

While the entire gaming industry and local surveillance companies started working on figuring out a way to make their old DVR systems compliant with the new rules, Kopp took another approach. “I pride myself for being an innovator and pioneer in the marketing and technology space. We’re in a fast-paced, evolving era and Jendy Solutions uses the latest strategies and technologies available to support our clients.”

Kopp noted, “We’re never the cheapest and we’re not always the right fit, but we always offer the right solution for the project for those organizations that want to become more efficient and more successful. When it comes to enterprise-level security and surveillance, there is only one brand that is the leader and that’s who I partnered with—Verkada.”

With Verkada, Jendy Solutions has partnered with a modern video security solution that is simple to install, easy to manage, and always secure. Based in San Mateo, CA, Verkada is quickly disrupting the enterprise security market with its innovative cloud-based solutions, including powerful edge-based analytics and centralized management platform. From anywhere, customers are able to quickly discover incidents with proactive alerts, as well as speed up incident response by easily searching against months of footage in a matter of seconds.

Jendy Solutions currently has conquered the Illinois video gaming and casino industry with an impressive client list that covers over 25% of the market which includes over 2,000 video gaming locations. The plan is to start deploying Verkada across all these locations, ensuring all sites are meeting the industry’s latest requirements.

“We will be opening offices in Missouri, Indiana, Georgia and Pennsylvania when those states open gaming. We’re just getting started — we have a lot of work to do.” says Wendy Kopp, Director of Operations at Jendy Solutions. “The gaming space is just a small portion of where we’re going. With the facial recognition technology built into our products, we are going to see a lot of really cool things happen here in the near future. We have always strived to be pioneers and innovators of the spaces that we operate in and this is a prime example of just that.”

With over 2,000 clients and $1.3 million in revenue in the first quarter of the year, Jendy Solutions is disrupting the casino industry. With Verkada, both are on a fast track to growth as they continue to dominate the surveillance space. “We expect to break 7.5 million in revenue by the end of 2020” says Jon Kopp.


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