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Revolutionary Upgrade: Unveiling the All-New 2nd Generation Indoor Mini Dome with Enhanced Processing Power and Unchanged Compact Design

Verkada, the leading provider of cloud-based security and surveillance solutions, has recently announced the release of their second-generation indoor mini dome camera. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the new Verkada 2nd Gen Indoor Mini Dome offers even more processing power while retaining the same compact design that customers have come to love. The CM42, the next generation indoor Mini Dome camera, has been announced. It outperforms its predecessor in terms of image quality and analytics performance, thanks to its cutting-edge Sony IMX675 image sensor, improved storage capacity, and superior Ambarella CV25S88 system on a chip (SOC). The CM42 is the ideal camera for consumers searching for great performance in a small package.

Advanced AI-analytics

The CM42 offers advanced AI-analytics support as one of its standout features. This is made possible by the dedicated computer vision co-processor on the Ambarella SOC, which enables the camera to execute larger machine learning models directly on the device. This ultimately enhances the accuracy of people and vehicle detection. Additionally, the CM42 introduces trajectory analysis in the new motion search experience, providing customers with quicker and more effective investigation capabilities.

Improved image quality

The CM42 boasts improved image quality compared to its predecessor, the CM41. This is achieved through the incorporation of a new Image Signal Processor (ISP) that enhances the sharpness and contrast of images. Furthermore, the camera utilizes the latest Sony image sensor, the IMX675, which notably elevates image quality in low-light and nighttime conditions. Lastly, the CM42 Mini Dome camera features double the onboard storage capacity compared to its predecessor, with the 30 day model specifically offering more space to store high-quality footage.

CM42 / CM41 Image Comparison

CM42 (left) compared to CM41 (right) during low light conditions.

Increased resistance to vandalism

The CM42 provides enhanced hardware security compared to its predecessor by utilizing tamper-proof Torx screws to secure the dome cover. This feature makes it more challenging for vandals to gain access to the camera’s internal components.

Example Usage Scenarios

While Mini Domes are typically preferred by customers seeking discreet video surveillance, the upgraded CM42 is also well-suited for various other situations, including:

  1. High-traffic areas: With its 5MP sensor resolution and wide-angle coverage, the CM42 is suitable for monitoring busy indoor locations like malls, airports, or train stations. The camera’s advanced analytics, capable of tracking people and vehicles, offer valuable insights into foot traffic patterns. Such insights can be utilized to enhance security measures and optimize operational efficiency.

  2. Transportation security: The CM42’s compliance with EN 50155 railway standards and compact size make it perfect for use in transportation settings such as trains, buses, or boats. Its wide-angle coverage and high-quality imagery can be employed to monitor passenger behavior, promoting the safety of both passengers and staff.

  3. Retail: Thanks to its small footprint and cutting-edge analytics like motion search and Occupancy Trends, the CM42 is an excellent choice for retail environments. By analyzing customer movements within a store, retailers can gain a deeper understanding of their behavior and optimize product displays for improved efficiency.

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