Improving School's Security System

Focus on School safety

Reports of mass violence and shootings have dominated the headlines over the last few years. Although people are strong and often recover from adversity, these events almost always disrupt our sense of order and safety. Individuals who live far outside of the affected region and have no personal connections to the event are frequently affected.

When schools reopen after a traumatic event, students, teachers, and faculty frequently experience uneasiness and dread for the events that transpired. Such traumatic stress can have a negative impact on the learning atmosphere and students’ abilities.

Emergency Preparedness 

Jendy’s integrated security solutions provide a range of advanced security and life safety technology. Including access control management, intrusion detection, video surveillance and mass communication

-Emergency Action Plan

01 – Planning – Forming the Team
02 – Develop Active Shooter Prevention Plan
03 – Conduct Risk Assessment
04 – Establish Goals and Objectives
05 – Assess Courses of Action
06 – Draft Plan and Approve
07 – Training and Exercise


ACA Disaster Mental Health ResourcesACA provides numerous catastrophe mental health tools to help counselors become acquainted with some of the skills required for working with survivors.

National Center for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Impact of mass shootings on survivors, families and communities

Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration: Coping with Mass Violence and Shooting

Active Shooter Emergency Action Plan Video   

FEMA Courses

IS-906: Workplace Security Awareness
IS-907: Active Shooter
IS-914: Surveillance Awareness
IS-915: Protecting Critical Infrastructure