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A New Era of Security: Verkada’s Cutting-Edge Camera Features

Enhanced Search Capabilities:

Verkada’s latest camera features spearhead the quest for a significantly improved search functionality. The ability to extract actionable insights from hours of video footage in a matter of moments is truly revolutionizing security operations.The latest-generation camera models from Verkada have enhanced accuracy and eliminated duplicate search results. This is achieved through the use of a computer vision (CV)-capable chipset on these cameras, which enables the use of larger and faster CV models. These algorithms can recognize and aggregate detections of people and vehicles across numerous frames. As a result, our most recent camera models provide 50% more detections while reducing duplicate detections by 70%.

Customers can now instantaneously replay videos by hovering over a search result, allowing them to swiftly revisit the circumstances that interest them. In addition, trajectories of each recognized individual may be watched in Command for footage collected by the latest generation of camera devices. The trajectory analysis feature speeds up the scanning of large amounts of search results. Verkada redesigned their history player to make investigations faster and more accurate. Instead of the default 2-hour-long history player timeline display, viewers will be routed to a more focused 10-minute timeline view, making it easier to discover events that occurred at a certain period.

Improved Video Quality:

The importance of sharp, high-resolution video quality cannot be stressed enough when it comes to security cameras. Verkada has focused on delivering exceptional video clarity to enable users to capture every detail with utmost precision. Their cameras boast 4K ultra-HD resolution, ensuring that no critical information is ever miss. H.265 was previously only viable for NVR-based security systems due to inconsistent playback capability on end-user devices. Verkada has overcome this barrier and is now the only hybrid cloud security supplier to bridge this gap, making H.265 available to all clients and camera models.Their hybrid cloud system, which combines cameras outfitted with specialized encoding hardware with cloud transcoding tuned for real-time latency and performance, enables this astonishing achievement. When Verkada cameras collect film encoded in H.265, it is sent to the cloud, where our cloud-transcoder intelligently identifies the end-user’s browser compatibility.

H.264 vs H.265

If the end-user’s device does not support H.265, Verkada rapidly transcode the video to H.264 with minimal latency. Whether the video is sent in its native format or transcoded, all end users will notice improved video quality while examining the clip on their preferred devices.

Advanced Management Features:

Streamline fleet management with camera notes

Managing a large fleet of cameras in enterprise-scale deployments can be a daunting task. Keeping track of the purpose of each camera, locating the PoE cable and port that connects a specific camera to the IDF closet for maintenance, and knowing what actions to take such as cleaning the lens or changing the feed orientation can be quite challenging.  As a result, some customers have had to manually label and add notes to their cameras with sticky notes and tape.In Command, they now have a “Notes” section under camera information that is specifically meant to help with fleet administration. This feature allows administrators to write notes outlining the function of each camera as well as the necessary maintenance or troubleshooting activities.

Limit bandwidth consumption with Enterprise Bandwidth Manager

Verkada now gives customers additional flexibility and control over their bandwidth utilization, whether it’s reducing consumption during peak hours or prioritizing critical services. Customers can use the Enterprise Bandwidth Manager (EBM) to limit the overall bandwidth required by all Verkada cameras at a site.This feature is accessible via the Manage Sites Page or by clicking the site menu and selecting the “Manage Bandwidth” button. By specifying the maximum upload bandwidth that Verkada cameras can consume in Command, EBM will begin monitoring and managing all bandwidth-consuming actions automatically.

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