Verkada CM42

Revolutionary Upgrade: Unveiling the All-New 2nd Generation Indoor Mini Dome with Enhanced Processing Power and Unchanged Compact Design

Verkada, the leading provider of cloud-based security and surveillance solutions, has recently announced the release of their second-generation indoor mini dome camera. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the new Verkada 2nd Gen Indoor Mini Dome offers even more processing power while retaining the same compact design that customers have come to love.

Advanced AI-analytics

The CM42 offers advanced AI-analytics support as one of its standout features. This is made possible by the dedicated computer vision co-processor on the Ambarella SOC, which enables the camera to execute larger machine learning models directly on the device. This ultimately enhances the accuracy of people and vehicle detection. Additionally, the CM42 introduces trajectory analysis in the new motion search experience, providing customers with quicker and more effective investigation capabilities.

Improved image quality

The CM42 boasts improved image quality compared to its predecessor, the CM41. This is achieved through the incorporation of a new Image Signal Processor (ISP) that enhances the sharpness and contrast of images. Furthermore, the camera utilizes the latest Sony image sensor, the IMX675, which notably elevates image quality in low-light and nighttime conditions. Lastly, the CM42 Mini Dome camera features double the onboard storage capacity compared to its predecessor, with the 30 day model specifically offering more space to store high-quality footage.

CM42 / CM41 Image Comparison

CM42 (left) compared to CM41 (right) during low light conditions.



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